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Serving The Most Effective Agriculture Traps, Bio Control Agents, Bio Fertilizers, Pesticides & Insecticides And Plant Growth Promoters At Reasonable Prices...

About Us

Our company, Indore Biotech Inputs And Research Pvt. Ltd. is the leading supplier of products that can be considered the backbone of the agricultural sector. In business since 1994, we have been working as a quality centric manufacturer & supplier of various agricultural products. Our offered product spectrum encompasses Agriculture Traps, Agriculture Insect Trap, Bio Fertilizers, Bio Organic Fertilizer, Bio Control Agents, Plant Growth Promoters and Pesticides & Insecticides. Prepared as per national norms & policies, our items are appreciated for their perfect composition, organic nature and high results. Besides being safe-to-use, having fast reactivity & no side effects, our offerings are also budget friendly in nature. 

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Zinc Solubilizing Bacteria
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From the very beginning, we have been continuously investing on Research & Development. Our main focus always remains upon the improvement of the offered quality, which we have undoubtedly raised to new standards year over year. This is also the reason why a wide number of customers are still associated with our products & services. They appreciate the value that we provide to them through our range. 

Over the decades, our company has gained in-depth knowledge of agricultural products production and business management in this competitive sector. The experience & knowledge that we boast of today is helping us see & build a brighter future in the domain. 

Our Facilities & Their Benefits

For 29 years, our company has sustained an admirable growth rate in the field. The secret to our success is our sound facilities. The advanced facilities of ours provide endless benefits to our smart-working team. With which, they are able to keep producing a better quality range of Plant Growth Promoters, Agriculture Traps, Bio Control Agents, Bio Fertilizers and Pesticides & Insecticides. Some of the major benefits that our team members avail through these facilities are timely completion of jobs, quality controlled work, safe & prolific work environment and convenience in practicing new methodologies.

Our Brands

We are proud owners of the following brands under which we sell and market our range:  

  • Bio Cross
  • Nodular
  • IndoPlus
  • Indozyme
  • Helicop
  • Biohit
  • Tejas
  • Biomonarch
  • Toneup
  • Humihit
  • Vermi-Khad

  • IndiK
  • Indozink
  • Natradhan
  • Natranu
  • Sphuranu
  • Cezar
  • BioAce
  • Indozib
  • Biomagic
  • Bio-Wonder
  • Indo Neem

Our Policies   

  • To keep adapting newer & better work strategies from time to time.
  • To keep practicing innovative customer retention techniques.
  • To keep working on the expansion & betterment of our product range.
  • To keep improvising business schemes for securing more profit for our firm as well as customers.

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Most Popular Products
Organic Manure
Indozyme contains some essential nutrient for the plant. Which helps in balance growth in plant.
Azotobacter Chroococcum
Product contains Nitrogen Fixing Free living Bacteria.